Tuesday, December 11, 2007


So earlier this week, I contributed to Simon Jung's project by sending him a list of extensions and their Id's for him to use in testing out his Metrics Server Collection. I think Simon's done quite well with such a large component to dig through and test.
You can check his project out over here if you're interested.

Simon was also very helpful to me in contributing to my project by giving me a lovely package of Favicon images (*.ico files) to use in testing out and as an addition to my extension file bundle. Although what I really appreciated from him, was a link to Cathy's extension files to use in contributing to her project, from his blog. Mainly because I had been looking to contribute to it, but her blog, wiki page, and even the project description don't have any links or real information on the canvas3d project.

Well anyways, I managed to download the canvas3d.xpi for minefield, but unfortunately it only works with specific version of Minefield(3.0b1), and mine wasn't one of them (3.0a9pre?). So I went and downloaded and built myself a 3.0b1 version of Minefield (took about 2 hours on the open lab PC), and got the xpi to install. Lucky for me, Simon also noted in his blog the simple images I needed to use to test out this extension.

....after struggling with several failed attempts to get the images to show, only know as I type this, do I realize (after reading through extension errors) that I needed to compile the build as a Gecko project, and not a Browser one.... alright then... back to the salt mines... (ugh, I wonder how many more hours that'll take to compile).

However, assuming I do get all this actually working... there aren't any instructions on what to do with the extension once I do get it working, or a project page I can list my contribution on.
Oh well, I guess as long as I post about it here for Chris to read, that will hopefully be enough.

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