Thursday, September 27, 2007

Build Errors

After over a week of just trying to get Visual Studio 2005 installed (due to a faulty CD), I've finally been able to get down to one of the last steps in making my build. This time I've been stopped by the build error "C compiler cannot create executables.", which hits me a few seconds after running the command "make -f build MOZ_CO_PROJECT=browser".

I found the error listed in the Mozilla Build FAQ, and it says to run vcvars32.bat to get the PATH variable set up, because I need to have all the necessary directories listed in the PATH var for this build to work. Unfortunately it doesn't say what all the necessary directories are. :(
Or why my build still doesn't work after running the vcvars32.bat file.

Does anybody happen to know a solution for my problem, or maybe someone who might?

update: Thanks to some classmates, I found out Visual Studio 2008 doesn't have the kind of C compiler that mozilla looks for. But quick download of Textpad (my old favourite text editor), fixed that and statisfied mozilla to successfully complete the build.

Now all I have to do is all those labs. >.<

--(running out of time) Andrew R.


dave said...

So tell me how you went about solving this problem? I'm curious, did you go on IRC and ask for help there? That is the recommended way to get help with this stuff. If you sit at home and never ask for help, you'll find that you won't get it. But if you venture on-line, into the community, there are many people who will give you hand. Don't let so much time pass with a problem like this.

Andrew Raynier said...

I went to my fellow classmates for advice, after searching various FAQs proved fruitless for me.

I was too worried about asking on IRC then, but now I think I'll try there as well.