Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Revolution OS

Watching this documentary helped explain a lot of things to me about Linux and Gnu since I've never really touched anything but Windows. I finally learned what the relation between Gnu and Linux is, and even heard the proper pronunciation of "Linux" from the mouth of the creator himself.

One thing I don't think I'll be likely to forget anytime soon, is the unique ending to this documentary..... A group of hackers singer and playing a song about Open Source.
I can't say they were actually bad, but you sure won't see that song on my play list...hopefully ever.

- The Cathedral and The Bazaar

Although reading this article took a while longer than watching the movie, I found myself constantly agreeing, disagreeing, and reanalyzing Eric's points over several times. For the most part, I agree with the "Bazaar"'s approach and method of constantly sending out code and getting feedback on it, to be an effective way to get things to work the way people want them too.

On the other hand, from a scientific viewpoint I find it hard to believe that Eric Raymond's "Fetchmail Project" qualifies as a proper and thorough testing of Linus Torvald's approach for programming Linux with the hacker community. Granted that it would be nearly impossible to duplicate the creation of an Open source OS, since the need for one and the community has already been mostly taken up by Linux, I don't think that just working on one mail forwarding program with an open source community (even if it did become a niche filler) is what one can call "thorough testing and experimentation" for proving the effectiveness of programming with an Open Source community.

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